November 2021

 Okay well here we go, my very first blog (me doing a blog is like Mr Bean being in charge of the NASA space programme) So here we are, over halfway through November 2021 already. What has happened in 2021 for me, well done nothing of what I had planned to do for a start. Because of this rotten virus many things were cancelled so I had no choice in the matter.  I did manage to purchase two new handheld radio's though, Yaesu FT70DE a nice little 70cm/2M radio with C4FM, nice and clear audio. I also purchased the Wouxun KG-UV8G a 2M/4M handheld, the one band I couldn't operate on was 4M before I got this, the antenna is not next to useless on the Wouxun, it is completely useless, however connected to a 4M whip on the magmount it picks up very well, I will be adding video reviews to these radio's on YouTube very soon. Okay this has been a very short Blog to get me into the swing of things so hopefully soon I'll be back to add more